Big day, a long time coming. We’re at the beach in Delaware for our annual 4th of July trip to visit friends, and it’s here that I have finally (finally) finished ‘Murder at Pride Lodge,’ complete with a last-minute revision of the ending. It’s been proofed, by Frank and again by me. I’ve added a ‘Coming Attraction’ to the end, to give people a taste of next year’s ‘Pride and Perilous,’ and the only thing left to do when we get back to the City is proof that last chapter and get it off to the publisher. I love finishes, and this is one of the good ones. There’s nothing quite like putting the final touches on a book, play, script, or short story. Knowing it’s as good as I can get it, and I can now move on to the next one. It’s a feeling both of accomplishment and of relief . . . and best of all, there are many more stories to tell.

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