This was inevitable in a culture in which we have allowed the word “bashing” to be misappropriated by Catholics and banks and pretty much anyone and any organization that finds itself being criticized. News flash: LGBT people really are bashed! We really are physically assaulted and often killed. But up is down in the victimhood sweepstakes, and now Mike Huckabee is using the word and idea of “bullying” to defend a dead chicken franchise!

From ThinkProgress:

HUCKABEE: LGBT REACTION TO CHICK-FIL-A IS ‘ECONOMIC BULLYING’ | ThinkProgress has thoroughly covered the incendiary religious condemnations of same-sex families made by Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, as well as the National Organization for Marriage’s complete hypocrisy in terms of how it responds to corporate positions on LGBT rights. That being said, there’s little set-up necessary for this clip of NOM’s Brian Brown speaking today with Mike Huckabee. Both completely ignored the malevolence inherent in Cathy’s remarks, instead defending Chick-fil-A from what Huckabee called “economic bullying.”

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