Note: It’s a long story, but I was compiling these posts about “shaping reality and living our dreams” on another site and decided that, once again, I was being too scattershot, too unfocused.  So I’m going to just post them here at MadeMark, if and when the self-help muse strikes.

While regret does not accomplish anything, I can still look back at the paths I’ve taken, the twists and turns, and see that often my direction was determined by simply saying, “No,” to an opportunity or a chance to take action. Over the course of a career, I’ve said no more than once to a job offer, a change opportunity, and without fail the underlying motivation was fear.  Fear runs rampant through our lives — small fears, large fears; fear of losing things as well as fear of getting things; fear of failure, fear of success, fear of trying and of not trying, and fear of time running out.  It is much easier in life to say no, conserving the status quo of our circumstances, than to say yes, especially when saying yes means being unsure of what tomorrow will bring.

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