Finally, the iMac is set up.  First it arrived with a massive, clearly traumatic gash across the side of the box.  It looked like the sort of collision that could do damage, and it did. Once I got the machine out of the box a huge piece of the monitor glass fell out, triangular and jagged. These things happen, but UPS was truly audactious to just put transparent tape over the gash and deliver it to me!  Sorry, UPS guy, it didn’t work. 

Apple immediately sent me a replacement, but I had to wait another week and it arrived when we were in Vegas.  And now, after all this wait, it’s on my desk, waiting for me to learn how to use it. 

I was an Applephobe for years, refusing to buy any of their must-have devices and machines. But finally I got an iPad, then an iPhone, and now an iMac.  I like their customer service, and everyone who has made the switch from PCs has told me they would never go back.  What finally pushed me to go Mac was having another problem with my HP desktop, paying them $100 for a service call since it was out of warranty, having the problem not resolved, and deciding I was not going to keep buying a new PC every two years, which has been pretty much the schedule. To hell with HP and their shoddy products (although I do like the laptop I have). If moving to Apple means some poor Indonesian works for .75 cents an hour until his feet fall off, so be it.

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