That’s the sound of my head spinning, as I spiral ever downward into a mire of career chaos and thought-mess.  Just as I decided to place an ad in a paper that reaches an over-50, affluent readership in NYC and Long Island (and paid for it!), I get a call about a temp job next week that could be ongoing (“temp to perm” as we call it in the underemployed community).  I’m going, of course.  It’s only for one day. I suspect they’re trying me out, and if they like me I’ll be back the next day, and the next, possibly ad infinitum.

Would I take another “permanent” job?  Yes!  I could see myself putting in another five years somewhere, before we finally, finally, make our move to Jersey or Delaware.  And the thought of being able to do my mystery series and maintain for a few hours in the mornings before heading off to a steady paycheck and paid vacation time has many appeals.  On the other hand, I’m covering my bases.  The ad goes out in October for A Right Hand Man, and at least I’ll find out if there really is a client base out there hungering for someone just like me. Swirling, swirling, just doing my best to stay balanced.

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