I had no interest in being part of the “99 percent” the Occupy crowds were pushing, but I have to say I feel like a Proud 47-Percenter. It’s nice to belong. I haven’t collected assistance of any kind for 30 years (last was unemployment for a few months, to what I’m now told should be my undying shame). I ask for nor take any handouts. I head off at 6 am for $10 an hour jobs and see so many of my 47-percent fellows out there in the dark heading off to clean offices and open struggling restaurants. While I’ve attempted to keep the politics toned down, I was just incensed at Mr. Romney’s comments and kept thinking that a wounded veteran who lost his legs would probably rather have his legs back than a disability check. Personally I think Romney lost the election this week, and so does at least one friend I have who was leaning toward voting for him. We are proud, we are self-sufficient, we are Americans, and hopefully he will never forget it.

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