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Well, well, well. It’s been a year since I started letting the story tumble around in my head. Then I thought it could be done by spring. No? Okay, summer. No? Okay, best yet, autumn. The story takes place over a Halloween weekend, so in the end the timing was perfect.

You can now purchase the first of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries on Amazon in a print OR Kindle edition. I will say the print is cooler because of the interior design, but if you’ve got a Kindle, why not go for the $3.99 version? I’ll understand.

I’m very excited to be on Chapter Four of the second book, ‘Pride and Perilous.’ The characters are my friends and family now, and having them all come together in Manhattan is a writer’s dream, that thing I love the most, the magic of a blank page as I listen quietly in the pre-dawn for what they’re going to say and do, and in this case, who will be killed. Part of the fun of writing a mystery is that people get murdered, but there’s no blood on my hands. I’m just the messenger.

You can see the books on Amazon HERE. And you can read the author’s page HERE. Look for a bonus first chapter of ‘Pride and Perilous’ on this site soon! And of course, I’ll keep the author’s journal going each step of the way. – Mark

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