Romney backed by the Petticoat gals

What’s up with that hashtag in the headline?

So the Washington Post has endorsed Obama. It’s good to see, and not completely expected. The modern New York Times is a liberal paper for sure and I would be shocked if they did not endorse the President, but the Post could have gone either way, had the Republicans not nominated such a total shit.(That was for all those gay parents and their babies he tried to screw when he was a lousy governor.)

I think it would be really fun to see Obama win the electoral college and Romney win the popular vote. Or possibly a nightmare, as Republican storm troopers dressed like Mormon missionaries would be out in throngs, as they were during the Florida recount. This is a mob that would immediately declare the President illegitimate (make that MORE illegitimate than they already claim he is). And can you imagine the Rombot ever making the kind of unifying, gracious concession speech Gore did? Not likely. So scratch that fantasy, it just sounds good with a steaming side order of revenge.

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