For the curious: that drop off in the graph is because we didn’t have a show last week – we were in the blackout! Listen tonight as guest co-host Rob Frydlewicz from talks with me about the experience and the upcoming elections. You’ll also hear an interview recorded over the Halloween weekend with Rainbow Mountain’s Rich Spezzano. Wednesday I’ll be back with Rick talking to Wisconsin Gazette Editor Louis Weisberg.

Our weekly ‘Aged to Perfection’ podcast with me and my co-host, collaborator, and longtime BFF Rick Rose, has become one of the most popular channels of the lgbtSr project, along with our Facebook page. Our last podcast with guest Trent Arsenault has reached nearly 2,000 listens, while the show itself has surpassed 12,000 individual listeners. That is a milestone worth posting about, and offering our deepest thanks. And while my posting here has become minimal, we are alive and well, and once I get some blog-rest I’ll be back to more items here. Thanks for your patience, and thank you for your support these last nearly two years. – Mark/Rick/lgbtSr

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