I’ve consolidated all things MadeMark here: MadeMark Photo, MadeMark Fiction, and MadeMark Travel. It finally occurred to this very, very slow learner that I could just have it all on one blog. And it’s a LOT less expensive (anyone who thinks WordPress.com is free doesn’t use it for much).

Frank unexpectedly got free tickets to see the new Christopher Durang play last night at Lincoln Center. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike¬†is Durang’s attempt, in his own words, to put Checkov into a blender. What we get is the mix. Since I don’t know anything about Chekov’s plays I have to just respond as an audience member who’s not privy to the inside jokes: I liked it well enough. I thought David Hyde Pierce didn’t have much to do and might be wasted, were it not for his superb delivery of a monologue near the play’s end.

For someone who considers himself fairly sophisticated, I often had the sense of “I don’t get it.” It’s not farce, but it is comedy. It is highly stylized, and I’ll leave it to professional reviewers to say more. One the one hand, I enjoyed it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t tell my friends to spend money for tickets. Just being honest here.

Before dinner we ate across the street at Ed’s Chowder House. Very nice, a little pricey, three and a half yums (if I ever get back to my ratings). Three times during the meal someone knocked over a glass and sent it shattering on the floor, including a woman who knocked our friend Michael’s glass off the table with her purse. The space is tight, but the food is very good, and they know how to get a theater crowd in and out without rushing you.

It was also great to see the Lincoln Center area again. We saw a segment on 60 Minutes a few months about about the renovations at the Center and I wanted to see them, even briefly. It was also a bit of nostalgia to update my Facebook page sitting in a chair in the tiny pedestrian space across from what used to the the ASCAP building. Sesame Workshop (which will always be Children’s Television Workshop to me) is still located there, I think, although the Muppet swag I used to see in many of the windows is gone.¬†Overall a very good night.

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