The last few years have seen an evolution, or a cycling, or a re-cycling, in my writing life. I was very much into blogging for a few years. Back then (2005-2011?), MadeMark was a happening thing. I posted every day, usually several times a day. I admittedly liked the sound of my own voice. Blogging gave me a focus, an outlet for my creative energy.

Then I launched lgbtSr, a site for LGBT people over 50 “and our friends and allies.” I poured a great deal of time, effort and money into it, and loved it for a year and a half. Then, about a year ago, I started writing my murder mystery series, The Kyle Callahan Mysteries, and found myself having come full circle back to the kind of writing that I most love to do: sitting at the computer in the early morning making up stories out of whole cloth – or blank page, as the case may be.

At this point in my life and all my various cycles, I’m just not that into blogging anymore. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I daily observe a culture choking on its own irrelevant “news.” Websites devoted to headlines worthy (or unworthy, depending on how you look at it) of the yellowest of yellow journalism. Gay websites where the menu is red meat all the time, reminding readers at any hour just how horribly we’re spoken of by the anti-gay forces. Yada yada yada. Comment sections where the anger, sarcasm and frequent bitterness are knee deep.

I’ve had enough. I don’t need to chronicle my life in travel posts – I just need to enjoy the places we go to, and if I write about them, great. I don’t need to aggregate other people’s news that can be found anywhere a curious reader cares to look. I’m just not that into me, or it, or them, anymore.

But I DO love writing my murder stories! That was my passion all those years, getting up and writing a story, or a book, or a play, listening to voices in my head and writing down what they said. It will be my focus for the foreseeable future (a phrase I’ve always found strange, since the future is predictable but never foreseeable), along with minimal maintenance on the lgbtSr site, with most news items put on the Facebook page, it’s that easy. And the weekly ‘Aged to Perfection’ podcasts, which are still fun. I know, as each birthday passes, that time is a non-renewable resource and is best spent doing the things we truly want to do, and loving the people whose company we’re blessed to have. I’ll leave the red meat and the “most trended” stories and the screaming headlines to others.

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