I keep telling people that the Huffington Post is to internet news what Walmart is to retail: a massive, spreading oil stain that suppresses wages (in both cases) and kills the little guy, in exchange for what? Ariana pockets her many millions, pays bloggers next to nothing (unless you consider “pay in prestige” to be a living wage), and cements the public’s expectation of getting something for nothing.

Anyone with a website knows that people expect free content. That’s not the HuffPost’s fault. But by being a relentless aggregator of other people’s news, they not only suck the air out of the room, but they replace it with carbon monoxide – tasteless, odorless and deadly.

I sometimes link to stories found in the HuffPost, but I link to the source material, not to them. Most stories aren’t theirs, in case you didn’t know. They just make it look like they’re the Amazon of news. I say, do the sources a favor and click through to read them there, and especially if you link to them, link to the San Francisco Chronicle, or, or the Advocate. Don’t throw more page views to the HuffPost.

They’ve got “bureaus” everywhere. Expect a Huffington Post Belize soon. And while it may seem inconsistent for me to loathe the Post while loving Amazon, Amazon gives me quality and great service. The Huffington Post gives me other people’s news repackaged as an endless stream of crap. And those headlines! Yellow journalism is alive and well at the Huffington Post.

So do yourself a favor, feed your head, but not with the Huffington Post.

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