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I’ve fallen into a trap of my own disliking: obsessively checking my sales reports at Amazon and CreateSpace. For the last two months, if it’s Sunday, it must be time to see how many eBooks were sold. ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’ has done well since it came out in September, well enough for me. I’m writing this series because I love doing it, because I care about these people and their lives I’ve imagined. It was never about making money, considering that there’s not much to be made on one mystery a year, and a “gay mystery” at that.

Still, it’s easy to become fixated. It’s the nature of the mind: finding things to latch onto. It explains the cultural addiction to Facebook and Twitter and texting and all those social networks. It’s an addiction I don’t want. While it’s nice to finally see royalties being direct-deposited into my checking account every month, writing for me has always been about the doing, not the reactions, reviews or approval. Sales are a form of approval. It’s time to leave them alone, take a peek every month, and get back to the joy of telling a story.

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