I’ve decided a couple things lately: 1) all my e-books will be available for $4.50, old, new, and in the future. I think the whole xx.99 thing is part of a herd mentality and in a way insults our intelligence. I know perfectly well that a book for $6.99 is costing me $7, so let’s cut the outdated, marketer-driven .99 cent nonsense. I am not in any way more inclined to buy anything, let alone a book, because I’ve been tricked by the price to think it’s a dollar cheaper.

2) I’ll be promoting them all, regardless of sales. I’ve added a new cover to my second short story collection from 2011, 5 of a kind, and intend to compile a ‘best of’ with three new, bonus stories and hope to get that out by year’s end. It’s very much about writing while my fingers still function, my mind still wanders, and my heart still beats with passion.  Look for all this and more in a year that promises to be very productive.

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