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I can’t say exactly why I don’t like Christine Quinn. Not because it’s a secret, but because I don’t know. It’s the same with me for Rachel Maddow.  Ohhh, ahhh, out and proud yada yada, but I just don’t like them. With Maddow I think it’s the snark factor. She’s the smartest person in any room and she knows it.  With Quinn, I don’t know … she seems to have been born with a scowl, and there’s that  business about helping Emperor Bloomberg give himself a third term.

The candidates were an hour late on stage, or more likely the organizers publicized a 6:3o start knowing it wouldn’t happen until 7:30. In either case, not acceptable. If an audience paying $250 a pop to see a hit act can be rightly pissed at having to wait an hour, so can an audience at a mayoral forum. I ended up bailing at 8:00 pm because I was hungry, tired, and, damnit, I showed up on time, it’s not my fault they didn’t.

I gotta say I dig Sal Albanese, even if he doesn’t have much of a chance. And I like Bill de Blasio. I think Bill Thompson’s time has passed, even though I like him a lot. John Liu showed up really late and I never heard him say a word.

I hate to admit it, but this really is a case where I might make up my mind the day I vote.  And I have so little regard for the ‘undecideds.’  But I was hoping for an alternative to Quinn and I got a few.

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