That that, motherf**kahs! Can’t fake it here, son. New York is set for some cool retro driver’s licenses that can’t be bought in virtual Chinatown. But what do you want to bet they’ll keep using the same damn photos you had on your first license twenty years ago? I’ve always thought that was strange.

From the New York Times:

ALBANY — Over the years, the authorities across the nation have tried all manner of tactics to combat fake drivers’ licenses. Holograms. Water marks. Even blunt red letters reading “UNDER 21.”

Now, however, New York is turning to a new design with a retro look: portraits in black and white.

Beginning in July, the state’s drivers who are seeking new licenses will be issued hard polycarbonate cards with photos that appear black and white, replacing the bendable color version, a move toward the monochromatic that is also being tried in several other states.

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