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One of the real casualties of the last two years devoted to lgbtSr is this blog. At its high point, back in the Blogspot days, I was getting 8,000 hits a month. It was common for a single post to get 250, sometimes 500 hits. Then came my divorce from Google, the move to WordPress, and the insanely time-sucking lgbtSr, lgbtSr Facebook page, lgbtSr podcasts … I had created a monster, becoming my own Mama Rose determined to make it the little website that could, a star among the over-50 LGBT crowd. While I haven’t exactly failed, I am weary of the costs, especially in time and creative energy.

I made lgbtSr a Monday, Wednesday, Friday publication. I’m also starting a new job tomorrow that has me working 9-5 again (instead of the ungodly 8.00 am). So here’s the plan: lgbtSr gets three days a week plus prep time (and let me assure you, prep time means almost every day), and MadeMark gets the rest, aside from my hour+ of fiction writing every morning. Can I do it? Of course, and that’s why I took a job that won’t demand too much of me, and that gives me an extra hour every morning. Mark doesn’t do nights, never have, never will. So wish me luck. I’m going to make MadeMark a mostly New York-centric blog, that includes the kind of cultural and political commentary (okay, snark), I so enjoyed back when we was on top. Can I get there again? Let’s find out.

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