While I don’t believe in rushing things, I want the second book to come out by mid-June. That date was already pushed up from spring (I say up, you say back; I’ve never understood how pushing a meeting “back” makes it later rather than earlier, but I digress …)

The last chapter is now waiting for me to circle back, revise, and get there with essentially a second draft down. And now that I’m doing that, in preparation of giving it to my partner Frank to read and proof, I’m also fleshing out and adding. The biggest addition for now is a new Chapter 1, that tells a short, violent story of a short, violent morning in Prentiss, Mississippi, 1978. I decided against calling it a ‘prologue’ this time. I did that in ‘Murder at Pride Lodge.’ I have nothing against prologues, but I like to keep changing it up. The next book won’t have a prologue or pre-set at all. At least that’s what I’m thinking for now.

And speaking of the next book, it will not be book III in the Pride Trilogy (as I called it in my head when I started this all), but the first book in the spinoff Detective Linda Mysteries. Kyle and Danny visit Linda at her new home in the New Jersey countryside (and I do mean rural). They’re driving home along a dark country road after dinner in New Hope and find, not a deer in the headlights, but a corpse. That’s all I’ll say for now.

On horses, snap, snap, away with you, we have a date with publication!

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