I’m determined to master the Goodreads thing. Facebook as a means of book promotion was very effective last year, when I was able to push the book out to 4,000 people at the lgbtSr Facebook page and on the Kyle Callahan Mysteries page. But then a funny thing happened … Facebook began requiring money to “promote” posts, while your average everyday post suddenly dropped precipitously in how many newsfeeds it went to. I’ve done that a few times but find it to be unethical. Facebook denies they’ve done any such thing (pages with many times the number of followers as mine have complained to deaf ears).

I like having my pages, especially for lgbtSr, given that it serves its audience. But Zuckerberg really doesn’t need my trickle into his vast fortune, so I have taken the challenge of joining the Goodreads community and not being so shy as an author among authors, writers and readers. I’ve submitted an ad and a book giveaway for Murder at Pride Lodge (book II, Pride and Perilous, is up next). I’m waiting for the ad and giveaway to be approved, and once it is I’ll be back with some links.

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