2014 is going to be a year of reinvention, refocus, and ‘re-imagining’ my life. To that purpose, I’ve decided at long last to simply have my site at markmcnease.com   The reason I started MadeMark about 10 years ago was to have a sense of anonymity on the internet (and from my previous employers!). But times have changed. I’m about as transparent as I could be, and in today’s era of endless data collection, SEO, and the loss of privacy … what’s the point? Besides, I’d like to be Mark McNease. I write under that name, I have my YouTube account under that name. I publish and edit under that name. MadeMark is like an old friend who needs to go his own way.

I still have my business, MadeMark Media, at least as a vision of some sort. I also used to worry that no one could spell my name correctly (the double vowel throws people off; I always have to spell my name very slowly when I’m talking to someone who needs it). But whatever. This is me, this is where I am, and this is now my website, exactly the same as my name.

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