After months of near-inertia with ‘Death in the Headlights’ I’ve decided to take the advice of other writers and just let it rest for a good long while. Instead I’m going to start on the third book in the Pride Trilogy, ‘Death by Pride.’ A serial killer has been striking every Pride weekend for the past seven years, but no one made the connection until this year, when a friend of Kyle Callahan’s is found floating in the East River.

There are two big hurdles for me with ‘Death in the Headlights.’ One, it features Detective Linda Sikorsky, with Kyle and Danny visiting her in her new little house in rural New Jersey. I didn’t realize until I was 30 pages into it that I was neglecting to make her the protagonist, and she needs to be. Two, unlike the Pride books, this is more of a traditional whodunit, and I was having a very hard time trying to create suspense. It it not, at this point, a story with a clear antagonist/killer (though there is one), with the protagonist rushing against the clock to stop them. So … it will rest and breathe and percolate in the back of my mind. I’m confident I’ll find the answers when I go back to it, but spending months in neutral, so to speak, isn’t getting me anywhere. This way I can finish the trilogy and decide what comes next for Kyle, Danny and the crew.

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