Editors Mark McNease (lgbtSr.org) and Stephen Dolainski (RainbowGray.com) are seeking submissions for a collection of LGBT writers over 50.

Outer Voices/Inner Lives
(working title only)

Age is something we do, not something we are, yet our culture, including LGBT culture, has a way of decreasing our presence, ignoring our images, and lowering the volume on our voices until we are little more than whispers.

Outer Voices does not avoid our lives and is intended to show us as fully present, creative, dynamic and vibrant. To be published in early 2015, it will be a collection of fiction and non-fiction edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski, culling the best of submissions to reflect the strength of our voices and the immediacy of our lives. We’re very open to new voices as well as to seasoned writers. Quality is the criteria.


Short Fiction: We’ll consider short stories with a maximum 5,000 word length (give or take a paragraph), and will balance longer stories with shorter ones. While there is no subject limitation, we hope to see some stories that center on older characters like ourselves, and we would challenge submitters to consider writing to that; at the same time, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule and the quality of the fiction is primary. We’re open to stories long written and ones created just for this (one caveat: stories we choose should be owned by the author and available without further clearance).

Non-fiction: Many very fine writers don’t write fiction or short stories, and we would be remiss not to include their voices in a collection specifically intended to raise the volume and awareness of them! It was important to us to make room in this collection for essays, non-traditional narratives, reflections and a cri de coeur or two. In terms of a general length guideline: less is more.

What we’re not looking for: While there is plenty of fine erotic fiction and poetry out there, neither is a fit with the purposes of this collection, nor do we consider ourselves qualified poetry editors. Maybe that’s our second collection ….


We’ll be taking and gathering submissions over the next six months, culling, responding and editing along the way. Our goal is to send the book to print early in 2015 and have it out by the spring. The book will be published in print and eBook, under the MadeMark Publishing imprint through CreateSpace.

All writers retain complete control and rights to their stories and pieces. We reserve copyright only for this book itself, nor will any writer require our permission to publish elsewhere. Each writer will receive 3 free copies of the print edition and any more they wish at cost plus shipping. This is a labor of love, respect, and admiration for all we’ve been through, and we hope a way to let the reading world know we’re still here.

So … if you have something to submit, or any inquiries, please email us at:

OuterEditors @ gmail.com
(the added spaces are there to keep out the spambots)

All emails and submissions will be responded to.

colormeMark McNease
Publisher & Editor, lgbtSr.org
MadeMark Publishing



Stephen Dolainski B_WStephen Dolainski
Publisher & Editor, RainbowGray.com

Read about Mark here and Steve here.

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