The camera someone swiped from our backseat after we paid for valet parking.

We went to the Preakness on Saturday. Afterward we checked into the hotel in Towson, dropped our luggage and changed, and went to the Maryland Live! casino a half hour’s drive away. I was driving, and I went with the valet parking to save time and because I’ve always foolishly believed that valet parking was more secure. Wrong!

I had left my $600 Nikon D3100 camera in the backseat when we drove away from the Pimlico racetrack. I accidentally left it there when we checked into the hotel. We hit the casino, got back to the room around midnight, and the next morning I was packing and realized my camera was in the car. Wrong conclusion.

I know I put the camera in the backseat. I know we only went from the racetrack to the hotel, to the casino and back. The camera was in the car when we got to valet parking, and not in the car when we left. While I would rather not think the valet or someone with the valet service took my camera, the only other possibility is that they don’t lock the cars and some lowlife saw it, grabbed it and took it.

Frank filed a police report by phone the next Monday, and spoke to the casino, wasting both his time and breath. I know I’ll never get this camera back, but that’s beside the point. I know it’s a casino. I know that there is a certain class of people at casinos (I’ve been to enough, and my iPhone was stolen at the last one!), but I enjoy them and should be able to go to them without making sure I have absolutely nothing of value with me. But then some motherfucker might take my life instead. Maryland Live! is dead! to me.

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