Editor’s note: My co-host Rick Rose and I have put our weekly ‘Aged to Perfection’ podcast on hiatus while we both focus on other projects. We have a regular podcast called Cafe B on YouTube that we do every Saturday, and will now be having an occasional guest on as well. Enjoy my conversation with poet Michael Broder from last night (not a Saturday!). – Mark/Editor

Welcome to a single serve/guest edition of Cafe B. Our special celebrity chef at the cafe today is poet Michael Broder, whose book of poems ‘This Life Now’ is out from A Midsummer Night’s Press. You can read more about Michael at his website www.mbroder.com/ Michael lives in Brooklyn with his husband Jason Schneiderman and describes himself as “the oldest new voice in contemporary poetry.” Great energy, terrific poet and a very welcome guest on the podcast.

You can also listen to all our podcasts on SoundCloud at the MadeMark Media channel.

Photo: Michael Broder

From the Amazon Page for ‘This Life Now:

“Michael Broder’s moving and lucid poems have heart, music, audacity—and they give a quiet, lasting pleasure, like an ancient Greek torso reshaped for the space age. THIS LIFE NOW is full of salt, sex, TV, and other riveting varieties of poised explosiveness, to which his lucky reader blissfully surrenders.”—Wayne Koestenbaum

“Dare I confess that this wise and sassy and heartbreaking collection made me scour YouTube for past episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Such are the subtle, ethereal, and playful gifts of Michael Broder’s poems that a reader won’t want to miss any allusion. No matter how bittersweet or fleeting, these poems, which span more than thirty years of an emerging queer consciousness, chart an unflinching poetics for the missing and unaccounted for. The book makes so many foundational moments and episodes of a thriving culture reappear and cohere, with such grim acceptance and celebration, that it takes our breath away.”—Peter Covino

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