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Welcome back to the Aged to Perfection podcast! This will be an occasional podcast with various guests we think you’ll find as interesting as we do. This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Professor Rachel Hope Cleves. Rachel is a history professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, and her new book, Charity and¬† Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early Americas, recounts the true story of a same-sex couple in the early 1800’s (it’s also our Featured Book). She specializes in early American history and has written about same-sex marriage and the American reactions to the French Revolution. And she makes a great guest! Hope you enjoy the podcast.

Note: Rachel emailed me after the podcast to mention that she writes at length in the book about the challenges the women faced as they grew older in their 44 years together, which included very poor health. I’m looking forward to reading soon about these two extraordinary women and their lives in a time long before same-sex marriage was a national issue and when marriage itself had a more inclusive definition.

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