Perilous-Cover-SINGLEAs a rule I don’t read reviews. Not because they don’t matter (they most certainly do!) but because it can be fraught with emotional ups and downs: if it’s a good review I think I’m a good writer, if it’s not a good review, I think I should find another line of creative work. So I just let them be. However, I knew this review was up there and steeled myself to read it. What a great way to start my day! It makes me want to try harder and make sure the reviewer enjoys the next book, and the next. I’ll do my best not to let her down.

From the Amazon review page for ‘Pride and Perilous‘:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The interweaving of the stories, Danny vs. Linus and Kyle vs. Kiernan, was done masterfully. The book is not a long one, so the author does not waste a lot of time on non-essential sidetracks and is very concise. The characters of Danny, Kyle and Linda are well done and endearing. Set in the world of emerging artists, this book can give the reader a great feel for just how desperate people are to find success and get ahead in their fields as well as find satisfying relationships. Also, the insider’s view of NYC is fascinating. The author definitely knows how the city works and how the art world works. I loved the fact that Kyle and Danny’s friend Linda just happened to be in town and how the author flawlessly integrated her and her detective skills into the storyline without making this feel phony. The mystery involves Kyle working to uncover who is killing emerging artists, while he and his partner prepare for a visit from his mother and a first showing of his photographs at a gallery. However, though important as a backdrop, it is obvious, from the start, that photography is not Kyle’s first love–solving mysteries is. The way the author portrayed the affection and love of the two main characters, Danny and Kyle, without going overboard only added but did not detract from the story. Finally, by integrating the story of Danny and Linus and keeping it to one of the main themes, the search for relationships, was well done–and didn’t muddy the book with a lot of extras. I have not read the first book, but, after reading this one, I am definitely going to look for it as well as any other in the series. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and who is looking for one that is great but not like the usual run-of-the-mill books out there. I received this book from a goodreads give away to read and review.” – KMT, Florida

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