I’m still getting used to my new LG3, but so far I’d say the naysayers are just living in the fear that is a every marketer’s dream (“Don’t abandon your iPhone, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! My mother gave up her iPhone and was dead is two weeks!”). I like the size, it’s better for my eyes, much easier to type on. It’s a little too big – I think the LG2 was the perfect size – but soon enough it will be second nature using this. But word to the manufacturers: DO NOT GO BIGGER! I don’t want a “phablet.” If that were the case I would get a tablet. This size is the outer limit.

As for the photos, I’ve noticed looking at the Facebook newsfeed that the pictures on the LG3 are phenomenal. It also takes much better, clearer, more striking photos. So if you’re thinking of changing, rest assured, there is life after the iPhone. For the record, I have a Mac desktop, a MacBook Pro and an iPad.

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