If you’ve been following along with the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, you’ll know that Kyle is an amateur photographer. The first two books rely on that. In ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’, Teddy the handyman is found dead at the bottom of the empty pool, which is also the pool Kyle took his most famous photo of the year before. In book 2, ‘Pride and Perilous’, Kyle is about to have his first photography exhibit at the Katherine Pride Gallery, just as someone begins killing people connected to it.

Back then, a little over two years ago, Kyle had a Tumblr blog, AsKyleSeesIt. He shut it down in a fit of pique last summer, but as he recovers from the tragic murder of Abigail Creek in ‘Death in the Headlights’, he has decided to renew and reinvigorate his passion as a shutterbug. Thus, the Tumblr blog is back. There are just a few pictures there now, but Kyle takes lots of them and expects to have it up and running in no time.

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