AbFinalSideDishLogoIt must be Monday. Welcome to another Side Dish edition of our Aged to Perfection podcast. Rick Rose and I have been close friends for 25 years. We’ve worked together in the theater in Los Angeles, and co-created the Emmy-winning children’s television program Into the Outdoors. Rick has also been a contributor to lgbtSr.org and my longtime co-host of the Aged to Perfection podcast. And now? We’re doing this weekly edition where we take a look at the news, catch up with a world that’s always on the run, and have some fun with our morning coffee.

This week on the Side Dish: America’s czar craze, the Texas voter ID law stands (just bring your gun license to the polling station), a snail named Same-Sex Marriage, starting over in life (and over and over), and Brittany Maynard’s eloquent exit strategy. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO EDITION AT BLUBRRY HERE.

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