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The 10-book giveaway starts today! 

What: The new collection, Outer Voices Inner Lives, has just been released. It’s a collection of 16 LGBTQ writers over 50, with a foreword by Patricia Nell Warren (The Front Runner and much more). I’ve co-edited and published the book with Stephen Dolainski of RainbowGray.com, and after many months of preparation and polishing it’s finally available in print and e-book.
When: I’ll be giving away 10 paperback copies, 5 to the first 5 new email subscribers as of this posting, and 5 to randomly selected email subscribers (chosen December 1). It’s a way to grow our subscription base, now at nearly 200. Being an email subscriber to lgbtSr provides one email on any day we have new content, and since I publish no more than twice weekly, that’s only two emails a week with columns, interviews, podcasts, featured books, and news of interest to our readers.  So … just email subscribe with the widget on the right-hand column, and be sure to verify your email address when you get the email from Feedburner. It’s that easy. It’s not data mining, it’s not about advertising. All emails are kept strictly confidential and only used to provide you with our weekly editions.

Steve and I are very proud of this collection and honored to have so many talented, creative, vibrant voices represented in it. A full list of the writers: Dominic Ambrose, Sally Bellerose, Michael Craft, Allison Green, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Lee Lynch, David Masello, Richard May, John McFarland, Stephanie Mott, Dawn Munro, Neil Ellis Orts, Gary Pedler, James Reynolds and Jean Ryan.

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