AbFinalSideDishLogoWelcome back to the Side Dish, the weekly edition of our Aged to Perfection podcast, co-hosted by editor Mark McNease (NYC) and Rick Rose (Shreveport, LA). Rick and Mark have been doing the Aged to Perfection podcast for over two years now. It’s moved from BlogTalkRadio and SoundCloud, to its permanent home at Blubrry and in the iTunes store as part of the Aged to Perfection podcast. Check us out every week as we take a look at the headlines and offer our sometimes-skewed perspectives on culture, politics, and the memes of the day.

On this week’s Side Dish: Bill Cosby’s crash-and-burn, Transgender Awareness Week, the awful media handling of the intersexed, conservative pastors out to pasture, and the business of Thanksgiving.  If you have anything you’d like to tell us or have us talk about, you can e-mail the podcast at: ATPPodcast@outlook.com

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