I despise Google, except as a search engine. They’ve pretty much got a monopoly on that, let’s be honest. But the rest of their products? Hideous, invasive, ugly, disorienting. “Busy” as we used to say. Hated it before hating it was trending.

And now I learn that Feedjit is shutting down for all intents and purposes. I’ve used and loved Feedjit for several years now. Why, you might ask? Because it allows me to see in real time who is visiting my websites. Or at least where they’re coming from. (In case this is new to you, website administrators track our traffic; I can’t see your names or who you were out with last night, but I can see that someone from Tulsa, Oklahoma, just showed up. It’s a very valuable tool in knowing how much traffic we get. It’s also a way to encourage me to continue, since no traffic would make me wonder why I’m doing this.)

I’ll miss you, Feedjit. You were my friend. I tried Google Analytics this morning and said, No thanks. I’ll stick with the Jetpack stats and hope it’s enough.

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