A couple days ago I noticed that all the email subscribers to were gone at my Feedburner account (Feedburner is how email subscribers were getting new content from the websites). Turns out they were still there, but thousands of people suddenly saw “0” under their email list count. It was a glitch, but also an alarm bell. Google has been hinting for some time now it will shut the service down, and it’s much better to make the move now.

So … welcome to via MailChimp! It’s actually much cooler, and lets me take control of my email subscriptions. I’ll only send these once a week if there’s any new content, and I don’t post that much here, in case you haven’t noticed. (lgbtSr will only be once a week on Fridays.) Grab a banana, a cup of coffee or watermelon Zero water, and enjoy the new digs.

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