AB FINAL Pride and Perilous
It’s out! The audio book version of Pride and Perilous, book II of the Pride Trilogy, narrated once again by K.C. Kelly. Not only are the mysteries fabulous (I’m writing #5 now), but it’s how I fund everything I do, including lgbtSr.org. So … enjoy them in print or eBook, and now on audio!

From book description:

The Katherine Pride Gallery is the center of high art and low death in Pride and Perilous, book two of the Pride Trilogy and the second of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries. Kyle, an amateur photographer, is about to have his first exhibit at the gallery, located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. As time ticks away, bodies begin to fall, and Kyle realizes somebody wants this gallery closed forever.

Join the chase as Kyle and his life partner Danny Durban reunite with Detective Linda Sikorsky from the New Hope, PA, police force. They met while solving the murders at Pride Lodge, and Linda has come to town for Kyle’s opening, only to find herself joining forces with him again to capture a killer…before he captures them.

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