On this week’s Aged to Perfection podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with author Heather Stanliaus, who examines the roles and expectations for women in our society and how they can redefine their identities in ways that often defy the assumptions made of them. Her recent bootk, The Evolution of Her: Redefining Your Beliefs about Your Feminine Identity, looks in detail at these issues and offers women alternative ways of thinking of themselves and being in the world.

About Heather: Heather Stanislaus embarked on a journey of self-discovery over ten years ago through the practice of yoga and meditation. She is a thought-provoking, contemporary woman dedicated to guiding individuals to apply wisdom in their everyday lives and uncover their personal truth. Heather is an accountant by day in New York City who devotes much of her personal time to spiritually-focused writing that seeks to uplift women.

book cover

From the book’s description:

Evolution begins with the recognition that there is no single defined path to a fulfilling life. A fascinating evolution of identity is occurring in which women everywhere are redefining themselves. The Evolution of Her describes how we can take part in this thrilling cultural movement by living the lives we want instead of following society’s prescriptive life plan. Heather Stanislaus’ book shows us how we can redefine our beliefs about ourselves as women against the backdrop of the modern age without giving up on the dream of finding a life partner or having children—but only if we want them. With her guidance, you will begin to see the social and psychological forces that influence your beliefs about your identity and come to appreciate your life in a new way. This book is offering you a seed of transformation by revealing how you may live in alignment with your own definition of fulfillment.

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