AB FINAL Gray Fun LettersWelcome to our regular conversations on herbs, nutrition and well-being with herbalist Cathy McNease. This week we examine the role of inflammation in illness and aging and its central role to many of our ills. Inflammation isn’t something most people think of when they’re wondering what’s caused an ailment, although this is changing with the public’s heightened awareness of the issues. We also talk about ways we can decrease and treat inflammation in our bodies and systems.

Cathy_5-22-09Cathy McNease is a nationally certified herbalist with a Diplomate in Chinese Herbology from the NCCAOM, a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Western Michigan University and two Master Herbalist certificates from Emerson College of Herbology in Canada and East-West Course of Herbology in Santa Cruz. You can read more of her columns, advice and guidance in her collection, In Harmony with the Seasons: Herbs, Nutrition and Well-Being, available in print and e-book.

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