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Well, whew! After three drafts I finally finished ‘Kill Switch: A Kyle Callahan Mystery‘ and gave it to my copy editor/proof reader Robin Feldman. This is the second time I’ve used her. I’ve been writing (and writing well) long enough to be confident in the manuscripts, but I miss typos and I sometimes use words or phrases that are unique to my own speech patterns and need to be adjusted.

I really don’t know what’s next. I end this book with a sketch of upcoming projects: The Human Kind, for Kyle Callahan, and three mystery novellas for Detective Linda. It’s time she got her own series, and it’s time both she and Kyle did some sleuthing on their own, though never more than a phone call or Skype video chat apart.

I’d wanted to use the name Marshall James for something (a twist on my birth name), and had been thinking of The Human Kind as a first book in a new series featuring him. But I kept thinking, Why re-invent the wheel? I have a good series with characters who have travelled through 5 books with me. Do I really want the challenge of creating a completely new character and the world he inhabits? I don’t think so, but I am willing to mull it.

It’s also time for me to focus much more exclusively on my own “brand” (god forgive me for using that word; it’s better to be a human than a brand). I’ve put so much effort, time and money into lgbtSr the past 4 1/2 years, and had I invested those things in Mark McNease the Writer I think I would be better positioned now. My mysteries sell well enough, but I could be more successful, that’s for sure. It’s time to focus, learn from some of the other writers I know, and get this show (further) on the road.

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