I’ve just released a 2015 edition of ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’ on Kindle. It’s been trimmed, tightened, and let loose again for just $2.99!  And while we’re at it, all other Kyle Callahan Mysteries are now $3.99, including the upcoming Kill Switch, to be released September 15. Dig in!

51mByvPDBcL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Murder at Pride Lodge
Who killed Teddy the handyman – if anyone killed him at all? Was it Sid, one of the new owners of Pride Lodge whose past gets darker the closer you look? Was it the woman whose name was once Emily, when she witnessed the murder of her parents in a burglary gone bad, and who has waited thirty years for vengeance? Was it young Happy Corcoran, promoted to bartender only to vanish three days before Teddy was found dead at the bottom of the empty pool? Find out as Kyle Callahan refuses to believe it was an accident, doggedly pursues the truth in his friend’s death and does his best not to join him.

51hJUE06PgL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Kill Switch
Available now for pre-order!
In the 5th installment of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, Kyle finds himself in therapy after ending the life of the Pride Killer, the most successful serial killer New York City has ever known. Putting an end to evil was the right thing to do, but it left Kyle in need of the services of psychotherapist Peter Benoit. Kyle decides the best way to re-engage with life is to do what he can’t stop doing: solving murders. Joined once again by his friend Detective Linda Sikorsky, Kyle takes on his first cold case, the murder of a teenager three years ago. Corinne Copley was killed on a Manhattan side street for nothing more than her cell phone. Or was that really the reason? Come along as Kyle delves into the murky undercurrent of New York City politics, pursues a crime boss who kills as easily as she breathes, and seeks justice for the father of a murdered child.

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