AB FINAL Gray Fun LettersWatch out! It’s a live mic!

It’s Rick Rose and Mark McNease together at the live mic every weekend, offering up small plates of opinion, politics, culture, and the world as we saw it this week.

On today’s menu: Religious tyranny and the First Amendment Defense Act, gray sexuality (it’s not what you think), the GOP plots a shutdown, pumpkin spice or else, Whitney Houston haunted hologram tour, and Miss America changing lives for 95 years.

Mark RickDisclaimer: We’re irreverent but respectful, write that down. We say what we think, and sometimes we say what you think, too. Join us every weekend with a cup of free trade dark roast and an equality scone, here on the Live Mic podcast (Libsyn, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, all around the world).

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