AB FINAL Gray Fun LettersLater this month, October 23 & 24, Senior Pride Initiative will be hosting its 2015 conference in Lexington, Kentucky. With the goal of improving the lives of LGBTQ people by raising and addressing issues related to aging, Senior Pride Initiative’s Growing Older Growing Bolder conference offers a full agenda of speakers, music, a screening of the film Gen Silent, and special guests. You can see more details HERE and register HERE. In the meantime, listen as I chat with Director Troy Johnson about the organization’s history, mission and its aims for our communities.

About Troy A. Johnson, MSW

Troy Photo Bow TieTroy Johnson is a licensed master level social worker whose dedication to the LGBT older adult community extends from direct practice to broad advocacy. Troy’s dedication to helping others live with purpose and dignity is a central motivator in his work with the Senior Pride Initiative in Kentucky and in his position as Senior Services Manager with Chicago’s Center on Halsted.

Program development and advocacy for LGBT older adults continues his history of success in expanding advocacy services based on an ever growing and changing demographic of the aging population. This includes collaborating with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging to provide cultural competency training to the Nursing Home Ombudsman staff in Lexington, KY, and working in partnership with local aging service providers to host Kentucky’s first conference dedicated to LGBTQ aging in 2013.

Troy is the former Director of Programs and Services for the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency, and former Chair of the Bluegrass Elder Abuse Prevention Council. He holds professional memberships in the National Association of Social Workers and the American Society on Aging, and is a sought after speaker on topics related to LGBTQ seniors, elder abuse, and program development.


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