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One of my deepest beliefs is that time is a non-renewable resource. Even the few minutes it takes me to write this are minutes I’ll never encounter again. I’m going to be heading off, ‘gone fishin’ so to speak, for an indefinite time. What that means is that I’m pausing lgbtSr after almost five years. There’s no check out time at this virtual hotel so I don’t know when I’ll be back.

I’ve just started writing a new mystery, this one with the awesome lesbian Detective Linda in the lead – it’s her and her wife’s story, sure to chill and thrill. I also want to put out a collection of carefully selected and revised short stories, 2000-2016. Oh, and I want to start, if not write the first book for, a completely new series, the Marshall James Mysteries. And that’s all in 2016.

I’m not fortunate enough to leave my day job. It pays the bills, it gets me on a few vacations, massage tables and spa-pedi chairs a year. And there’s that health insurance thing … So I just can’t do it all anymore. Five years is great, it’s been an accomplishment. It got me to the White House last year for their LGBT Elder Housing Summit. That’s pretty much the cherry on the ice cream sundae.

You can still find me and a few of my fabulous guest posters in the following places:
MadeMark Media
The Twist Podcast
lgbtSr Facebook page

It’s been great. If you’d like to stay in touch, just sign up for the email list at my personal website, I’ll be sending out a regular newsletter once I get a few folks on the receiving end.

Thanks, everyone. All the fabulous people who’ve contributed or been interviewed or taken the time to let me know you liked it here. You’re why I did it.

Onward … Mark McNease/Editor

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