New York City - Manhattan after sunset - beautiful cityscapeYes, it’s a countdown counter! December 10 approaches. I’ve written five Kyle Callahan Mysteries, three of them as The Pride Trilogy, now together for the first time in one sleep-preventing page turner. You can pre-order the Kindle version for just $6.99. Then look for Santa to come early on December 10 as you find something very, very special in your stocking: murder, mayhem, sugar plums and serial killers wrapped up in pretty bows just for you. And you can get the paperback edition soon, the prefect stocking stuffer for yourself or your favorite sociopath.

From the book description:

Together for the first time in one book, all three Kyle Callahan Mysteries making up the Pride Trilogy: Murder at Pride Lodge, Pride and Perilous, and the concluding Death by Pride. In Murder at Pride Lodge we meet Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban for the first time, spending an idyllic Halloween weekend at Pride Lodge that soon turns murderous. Enter Detective Linda Sikorsky of the New Hope, PA, Police Force. Together they race to stop the killer – or is it killers? – before the next body falls.

In Pride and Perilous the pair join forces again, this time in New York City where someone has targeted artists involved with the Katherine Pride Gallery, doing their best to close the gallery forever one victim at a time. Finally, in Death by Pride, Linda returns to visit Kyle and now-husband Danny, only to find herself and her best friend rushing to a date with destiny and the Pride Killer, the most successful serial killer New York City has ever known. One book, three thrills: The Pride Trilogy.

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