Absolute Final Live MicI finally had the pleasure of speaking with author Grant Spradling for a podcast chat from his home in Mérida, Mexico. His book Palenque Murder is set for release by Humaca Press and takes the same three bumbling detectives, who solved the crime in Maya Sacrifice, from Key West, Florida, to Xalapa, Mexico, Tlacotalpan, Villahermosa and Palenque in search of who killed Rage Stone. A dyslexic, Grants says, “The computer, spell-check, the cyber age and the help of friends have opened a whole new world in my later life.” He and his his partner, Clifford A. Ames make their home Amarillo, Texas and Mérida.

GrantHis recent book David Goes Home: Growing Up Gay in the Dust Bowl was a Featured Book here last October. Listen as we talk about his writing and life.

From Amazon’s description for David Goes Home

“Grant Spradling, a retired Congregational minister, has penned a captivating story about a young preacher, David Ward, who is the main character in other Spradling novels. The wit, pathos, and intellect of this gay pastor draw the reader into the mystery and nightmarish search for the murderer of the clergyman’s hometown sheriff in the Dust Bowl
of Oklahoma. The preacher’s love for men, self-doubt, and the struggle against the religious right of David’s upbringing transports the reader to another world and opens one’s mind to the continuing conflict of the church and the gay community.”

—Dr. F. Lee Barham, author, The Religious Right is Wrong

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