OuterVoicesAMAZONOuter Voices Inner Lives
A Collection of LGBTQ Writers Over 50

It’s another Free Book Friday! Outer Voices Inner Lives was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for 2014 and now it’s available for one day as a giveaway on Kindle. Enjoy his stellar collection of authors at the peak of their creative powers.

‘Outer Voices Inner Lives’ is a vibrant anthology of stories and personal reflections by 16 LGBTQ writers over 50, authors with the understanding and experience that come from maturing. With a foreword by iconic author Patricia Nell Warren, this collection will resonate with older readers who may identify with many of the experiences depicted in these stories. And younger readers will find inspiration, imagination, and the resiliency of the creative spirit. Edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski.

LammySeal-actualsizeHere’s a full list of authors: Dominic Ambrose, Sally Bellerose, Michael Craft, Allison Green, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Lee Lynch, David Masello, Richard May, John McFarland, Stephanie Mott, Dawn Munro, Neil Ellis Orts, Gary Pedler, James Reynolds and Jean Ryan.

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