It’s been a long time coming, but Death in the Headlights featuring Detective Linda has finally arrived on audiobook. Narrated by the spectacular Daniela Acitelli, the book features Linda teaming again with Kyle Callahan, this time to solve a murder very close to home … her new home in the New Jersey woods, that is. Listen to a teaser on SoundCloud, or directly on Audible. As Clara Pressley’s grandmother said about CrossCreek Farm, “Whatever grows there, grows in the shadows.” Step into the shadows with Death in the Headlights on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

From the book’s description:

It’s been six months since the Pride Gallery murders in Manhattan. Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban head to rural New Jersey for a relaxing week with their dear friend, Detective Linda Sikorsky, recently retired and newly in love. Driving back from dinner with Linda and her fiancée Kirsten, they discover the body of Abigail Creek, run off the road on a bicycle wearing only her nightgown and slippers. Kyle and Linda quickly find themselves learning more than they want to know about the Creek family and the home they call CrossCreek Farm. In the words of Clara Presley’s grandmother, “Whatever grows there, grows in the shadows.” Come along as Linda and Kyle make their way into the shadows and enter the spider’s web, determined to find out who in this family of spiders is the deadliest one.

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