1204453_origIn the recently released The Life and Crimes of Fiona St. James, James Palacio tells his own story, in his own vivid words. Read an excerpt at the book’s website and add this one to your summer reading list.

From the Amazon description:

Raw, Gritty and Brave! James Palacio A.K.A. Fiona St. James recalls his very colorful existence in this very detailed account of his accomplishments along with the trials and tribulations of life. Since his birth, this self-aware Bronx born Native New Yorker has been an out and proud gay male. He has always had the support of a loving family and close circle of friends. It was the time of NYC nightlife at its best along with the glory days of Fire Island. His gripping story telling including careers, romances and extracurricular everything makes for an eye opening and very real and no holds barred reliving of a time in society where all was fair game. His honest and graphic nature in sharing his memoirs with specific details makes for a very refreshing and vulnerable journey. A must read for all!

Also available directly from The Life and Crimes of Fiona St. James.com.

About James Palacio:

Born and raised in New York City, this Spanish and Italian Bronx born native has always loved the vibe of this great city, which never sleeps. With a theatrical background, James started performing at a very young age. From community theatre to film and television, he has enjoyed many years on the stage and screen.

From his early days in Community Theatre to earning his B.A from Hunter College to entering the world of Female Impersonating and Massage/Escorting, his candid recall of it all is both intriguing and mind blowing.  Show Business all the way!

Fiona St. James first appeared in 1988 and has experienced success in night clubs worldwide as well as being the 15th elected and still the only Latina Empress of The Imperial Court of New York. He has been a proud member of this worthwhile organization since 1992 and was also crowned Miss Long Island Best Professional 1994.

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