Car with headlights on country road
Made my day! All the way from across the pond …

By Norma Miles:

Another engaging mystery by Mark McNease, featuring partners Kyle and Danny and their friend Detective Linda. I was fortunate to be gifted a copy of this audio book by the author with no strings attached. Thank you.

Kyle and Danny are planning to soon be married and decide to take a short vacation with Linda, still always known by them as detective Linda, despite her having left the police force and moved into her recently inherited house in the country. A time to renew friendships and better get to know Linda’s fiancée, Kirsten. But finding the body of an elderly woman by the roadside is too intriguing for Linda and Kyle not to want to find out what happened, much to the dismay of their respective partners.

This is a delightful investigation into the lives and secrets of those living far from the bright lights of the city. And the book reflects this, with no fierce battle scenes or violent confrontations (well, perhaps a little one), just an intriguing story, excellent writing, good dialogue and hidden depths to be uncovered both in their neighbours’ lives and their own. The characters are so well drawn that I feel I know them personally – and want to know them more. So I will definitely be looking out for other books in the series in which they appear.

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