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Tarnished Gold (Cantor Gold Crime Series)
By Ann Aptaker
Print length: 240 pages
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Get your mid-summer mystery fix with this recent Lambda Literary Award and Golden Crown Literary Society winner for Lesbian Mystery. No novel has previously won both awards in this category, so you know you’re in for something spectacular. Tarnished Gold is the follow up to Aptaker’s Criminal Gold and continues the adventures and misadventures of art smuggler and “dyke-about-town” Cantor Gold. Savor slowly!

From the book’s description:

New York City, 1950. Cantor Gold, art smuggler and dapper dyke-about-town, hunts for a missing masterpiece she’s risked her life to bring through the port of New York. She must outsmart the Law that wants to jail her; outrun the dockside gangsters who would let her take the fall for murder; and outplay a shady art dealer, his lover, and a beautiful curator who toys with Cantor’s passion. Through it all, Cantor must stay out of the gunsights of a killer who’s knocking off rivals for the missing masterpiece—and stay alive to solve the mystery of her stolen love: Sophie de la Luna y Sol.

What they’re saying:

“Fans of noir fiction, whether straight, lesbian, or another orientation altogether, should revel in this pitch-perfect mystery novel set in the criminal underworld of 1950 New York.”


“This is the magnificent follow-up novel to ‘Criminal Gold’ and it is delightfully even more engaging than the opening book. Once again Cantor Gold is astounding as the primary lead within this splendid story.”

– J. Johnson

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