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Stop the Car: A Kindle Single

1977. Three teenagers on an Indiana back road, heading home away from the highway, away from prying eyes and traffic cops. One behind the driver’s wheel, two in the back seat sampling the merchandise that could get them all jailed. And then, as the car careens along beneath a black sky lit only by a million stars, they see it. The boys demand they stop the car. The driver refuses. Whatever it is they see makes the decision for them and stops the car in its tracks. What happens next to them could be real or imagined, but it will never be forgotten.

What readers are saying:

“Stop The Car” is a truly great short story that packs a lot of story in a small amount of time. Set in 1977 and told in a conversational style, this story fires on all cylinders while being a sort of eerie psychological exercise … It will also make you an instant fan …” – Reader review

“I love this story. I love its atmosphere, the steady build up of tension and tenderness, the author’s deft ability to evoke time and place, to make me believe in extraordinary things.” – Reader review

And if you prefer listening, Stop the Car is available as an audiobook.

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