Mark your calendars! The first solo Detective Linda Mystery arrives early October.

Fans of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries know Detective Linda Sikorsrky from the very first book, when she investigated a mysterious death at Pride Lodge, a popular and beloved LGBT resort in the Pennsylvania countryside. There she met Kyle Callahan and his then-partner (now husband) Danny Durban. Linda and Kyle became best friends and, over the course of four books, an inseparable crime-solving duo. Until now.

In the soon-to-be-released Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge, Linda gets her own series at last. Now retired from the New Hope, PA, police force, she lives what she hopes will be an idyllic life the New Jersey woods. Fate, however, has other plans …

Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge: A Detective Linda Mystery

Retired homicide detective Linda Sikorsky and her wife Kirsten McClellan head to Maine for a long weekend of rest, relaxation and rewrites as Kirsten finishes drafting her first novel. Bad weather alters their plans, forcing them to stop for the night at the Cliff’s Edge, a motel known for secrecy and indiscretion. Something murderous goes bump in the night, sending the women on a search for justice when a young reporter’s body is found dumped and violated on a back road. A road Linda must now go down, no matter where it takes her, or what it reveals.

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